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Astragal Press welcomes members of the Early American Industries Association as direct customers of Astragal Press entitled to a 10% discount on all books on this Web site. EAIA has negotiated this discount on behalf of its members to replace EAIA's discontinued Book Sales Program.Getting a 10% discount has never been easier! After clicking on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button, just enter coupon code provided with your EAIA Membership packet. Your discount will automatically be deducted.
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What is EAIA

About three-quarters of a century ago a small group of dedicated tool collectors met to discuss their mutual interest in American made tools. The Early American Industries Association was born from that meeting. Its defined purpose is " encourage the study and better understanding of early American industries in the home, in the shop, on the farm, and on the sea."
Since then, the EAIA has grown into an organization with over two thousand members both in the US and abroad. Collectors, craftsmen, historians, researchers, libraries, and museums all benefit from the programs and publications of the EAIA. Through its annual meeting, its newsletter, Shavings, and quarterly journal, The Chronicle, its special publications, the Eastfield Summer Workshops, and its annual European Tool tours, EAIA works to enhance our knowledge of American industries and increase the pleasure its members derive from collecting and studying old tools and trades. The collective efforts of all the members of EAIA contribute greatly to the important body of knowledge that forms the warp and weft of the fabric of American industrial history.


Membership in the EAIA is open to any person or organization sharing its interests and purposes. Benefits include:

Publications: The Chronicle, a forty-page quarterly, is well known for its original research and often groundbreaking articles. Shavings is a bi-monthly newsletter with notices of meetings, auctions and events of interest to members, as well as classified tool advertisements. The EAIA Directory not only lists members and dealers, it also includes the EAIA Yellow Pages and an extensive list of other organizations of interest to members.

Meetings: The EAIA annual meeting is a high point of the year. Usually held in conjunction with an important museum, EAIA meetings have been held in Salem, Massachusetts, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Williamsburg, Virginia, and Ottawa, Ontario. Meetings include tool and book sales, a tool auction, displays and the finest, most knowledgeable tool people around.

Other Benefits: All members receive 10% off Astragal Press publications. In addition, EAIA members receive free admission to the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and free use of its library.To learn more about EAIA visit its website at Here you can view a sample of The Chronicle, get information on the annual meeting and regional tool events and find out about the annual European Tool tour. Click here to view the EAIA membership application.

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©2010 Astragal Press
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