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Swept Away:
The Vanishing Art of Broom Making

Karen Hobbs

Since Ben Franklin brought broomcorn to America from Egypt in 1790, the humble kitchen broom has been an integral part of our daily lives. Discover the rich and colorful history of the American broomcorn industry, learn how broomcorn is grown, harvested, and dyed, and, following easy step-by-step instructions with photographs and illustrations, make your own broom using one of the seven different broom patterns provided, including Kitchen, Hearth, Cobweb, Turkey Wing Whisk, and Angel Whisk brooms. More than 150 masterpieces by America’s most talented artistic broom makers appear in the gallery section and feature a surprisingly diverse and colorful array of handles and stalks. Entertain yourself with broom lore and superstitions, discover proper care methods to get the most out of your broom, quickly learn all the broom terms you need in the glossary, and also find a recipe for Broomstick Cake!


112 pages, Paperback, 329 Color and B&W Images, 8.5” x 11”, © 2017
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